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Washed using correct methods to maintain the integrity of your treatment

The maintenance washes are a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of your initial treatment. The ongoing washes include all the processes necessary to maintain the longevity of the protective layers. They also prevent any further damage to your vehicle’s paint finish, such as scratches and scrapes.

Paying for your wash plan in advance enables you to make significant savings on normal retail prices. You’ll save 25% on your washes, and 35% on the Full detail at six months, which is crucial for the maintenance of your protective coating. This vital check enables us to spend more time freshening up your vehicle, treating the leather and waxing the car.

*Terms and conditions apply

Maintenance Wash Program Prices

Small Cars
Medium Cars
Large Cars
From: $1000

Seater: 2 Seater Compact

Washes: 12 x Maintenance Washes

From: $1200

Seater: 4/5 Seater Sedans

Washes: 12 x Maintenance Washes

From: $1440

Seater: 5/7 Seater Wagon/SUV/4×4

Washes: 12 x Maintenance Washes

Note: Price may differ based on vehicle

Included in every Maintenance Wash

Paint Work
  • Apply Spray wax.
  • Presoak with Snow Foam to remove dirt and grime followed by a high-pressure wash.
  • Clean wheels using pH neutral iron remover and specially designed brushes and wheel woolies.
  • Apply chemicals to de-ironise ferrous (metal) particles that are bonded to paint surface leaving sandpaper type feel.
  • Clean wheel arches by spraying appropriate degreaser into wheel arches, scrub and rinse with pressurised water.
  • Wash using twin grid two bucket system to prevent any stones and other sharp edges particles being carried on the car via wash mitt.
  • Hand wipe with 1000 GSM microfibre towel for a safe and swirl free drying.
  • Pressurised air or a blower is used to remove water built up around mirrors and other crevices.
  • Tyres are dressed using non-fling tyre dressing.
  • Door shuts are wiped down.
  • All chrome and metal surfaces cleaned and polished.
  • Carpets and mat’s are burshed are vacuumed.
  • All vinyl/plastic are wiped and cleaned.
  • Windows are cleaned on the inside.
  • Full leather and interior cleaned (where applicable)

Note: Removal of pet hair, hazardous substances like mould or other material may incur additional charges