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Paint Correct

Vehicle paint is exposed to light to heavy swirl marks watermarks, acid etching, minor to major etc.

Paint Correction is the process of removing these imperfections which is also sometimes referred to as “buffing”. By the removal of the damaged paint material, a fresh refined surface is revealed to show your paint’s highest potential. Results may vary which is dependent mostly on the number of correction stages the paintwork receives, as well as the original condition of the paint. As the paint is worked through multiple stages, a virtually defect-free finish can be achieved, leaving a flawless finish, often better than new!

No matter if your desire is to remove a deep, unsightly scratch, or bring your entire vehicle to the next level you can rely on us. Paint correction is at the core of what we do. We are highly trained detailers and will provide second-to-none results.

Note: Any correction work is limited by the thickness reading from the paint thickness gauge.

Packages for Correct

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Duration: 5-6 Hours

Removes light swirling and marring while enhancing gloss significantly. Most suited to some brand new vehicles, and vehicles that have been very well cared for and otherwise in great condition. Appropriate one-step polishes are used in order to remove imperfection in the paint and achieve best results. This stage will remove 60-75% of the paint defects and leaves the paint in nice gloss and clarity. Excellent option for those with a smaller budget that aren’t looking for “perfect” results to get the maximum return for the most modest investment.

Stage 1 won’t remove any major defects on the paint.

Duration: 1 Day

Removes deeper scratches and eliminates swirling in most cases. Most defects including acid etching, staining, and watermarks are removed or significantly improved. Some deeper scratches may remain. This stage will remove 75%-90% of the paint defects depending on the level of damages, paint and make of the car. Recommended for most darker colored vehicles and in most circumstances provides a near perfect finish.

Stage 2 won’t remove the deepest possible scratch, however, this stage will get to close to perfect leaving a nice clarity and shine.

Duration: 1-2 Days

Removes deepest scratching and defects possible without wet sanding, creating a near perfect finish even on most neglected finishes and poorly treated cars. Some scratches may be too deep to safely remove, we’ll let you know if this is the case. Preservation is the goal but this correction level provides exceptional results and serves to dial in most vehicles; even the most far gone cases. This stage will remove 90%-95% of the paint defects. Recommended for older vehicles or vehicles with severe defecting.

Stage 3 will ensure that all defects except for the ones which are beyond correction are removed.

  • Apply Citrus Prewash to gently remove bug splats, general road grime, and other contamination.
  • Clean wheels using appropriate products and specially designed brushes and wheel woolies.
  • Presoak with Snow Foam to further remove dirt and grime followed by a high-pressure wash.
  • Wash using twin grid two bucket system to prevent any stones and other sharp edges particles being carried on the car via wash mitt.
  • Hand wipe with 1000 GSM microfibre towel for a safe and swirl free drying.
  • Treat body with a clay bar to remove surface decontamination.
  • Pressurised air or a blower is used to remove water built up around mirrors and other crevices.
  • Check paint depth measurements.
  • Tyres are dressed using non-fling tyre dressing.
  • Apply Last Step Product (LSP) which includes high-grade quartz sealant.
    • Optional upgrade of LSP (Surcharges apply)
      • Exclusive Swisswax
      • Long lasting Sealant
      • Permanent Glass coating
    • Other Optional upgrades
      • Interior package
      • Engine detail
      • Miscellaneous