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Paint Correction

Up to 90%-95% removal of the paint defects, including hard to get scratches & chipping

Stage 1

Removes light swirling and marring while enhancing gloss significantly. Most suited to some brand new motorcycles, and motorcycles that have been very well cared for and otherwise in great condition. Appropriate one-step polishes are used in order to remove imperfection in the paint and achieve the best results. This stage will remove 60-75% of the paint defects and leaves the paint in nice gloss and clarity. An excellent option for those with a smaller budget that aren’t looking for “perfect” results to get the maximum return for the most modest investment.

Stage 2

Removes deeper scratches and eliminates swirling in most cases. Most defects including acid etching, staining, and watermarks are removed or significantly improved. Some deeper scratches may remain. This stage will remove 75%-90% of the paint defects depending on the level of damages, paint, and make of the motorcycle. Recommended for most darker colored motorcycles and in most circumstances provides a near-perfect finish.

Stage 3

Removes deepest scratching and defects possible without wet sanding, creating a near-perfect finish even on most neglected finishes and poorly treated motorcycles. Some scratches may be too deep to safely remove, we’ll let you know if this is the case. Preservation is the goal but this correction level provides exceptional results and serves to dial in most motorcycles; even the most far gone cases. This stage will remove 90%-95% of the paint defects. Recommended for older motorcycles or motorcycles with severe defecting.