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Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Films or PPFs as they are popularly called, are an invisible layer installed on bikes to give it extra protection. Made from high quality polyurethane, urethane, or flexible acrylic the film helps protect against pollutants or damages and allows you to maintain that factory fresh look of your bikes.

Why it is necessary for your ride

Bikes can be affected by a lot of environmental factors, right from sunlight to harsher elements like flying debris, dirt, pollutants etc. Normal paints are not very resistant to such onslaught of nature, leaving your painted parts prone to chipping and damage. That’s why it is ideal to apply a PPF on your ride to keep it looking fresh and renewed. PPF helps retain that original look, improves colour saturation of the paint and keeps the body protected. On road, PPF provides ultimate protection from damaging elements like sand and stones kicked up by tires, flying gravel, bird dropping, tree-sap, and even potential scuffing from riding gear. Another added advantage of having a PPF is that it increases the resale value of your motorcycles and gives you the pleasure of a brand new looking bike every time you take it for a spin.

What we Offer

Our virtually invisible film is sourced from best-in-the-industry suppliers and will not alter the color or design elements of your vehicle. Our professional staff has done hundreds of PPF jobs and are ready to help you get one for your bike, using our Standardised Installation Process that includes:

Preliminary examination & preparation

The first step we take is to examine your bike thoroughly and clean it to remove dirt, gravel or any visible foreign object or debris.

End-to-end Deep Cleaning Mode

For step two, your bikes are cleaned thoroughly, using graded cleaners. We focus especially on painted surfaces, where the film is put, to remove hard-to-get stains and contaminants that may prevent the film from sticking to the surface.

Installing your Avery Dennison Film

Once all the cleaning is done and dry, we then install your superior Avery Dennison Film that is engineered to protect your ride against harshest pollutants and elements. We do this by first cutting the film into the size of the panels. Our experienced PPF installers then outfit these with meticulous care on your bike.

Finishing & Inspection

After the installation, we will finally check all the edges for any flaws and iron out every edge, nook and corner to ensure that everything as seamless as the road ahead of you!

Why we choose Avery Dennison

We don’t just insist on having premium quality, we actually only use the best that Industry has to offer. PPFs from Avery Dennison are not just exceptionally manufactured, they are backed by the company’s promise of defect-free, quality workmanship. Films from Avery Dennison offers:

  • Top coated high gloss finish
  • Self healing & virtually scratch free surface post installation
  • Superior protection from damaging elements & weathering
  • UV, chemical & heat resistance that is unparalleled
  • Excellent durability and outdoor life
  • Excellent adhesion to various vehicle types, models & makes

To know more about your Avery Dennison PPF,

click here and DOWNLOAD the full specification chart. Or simply CONTACT US and we’d be happy to help.