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Riding to change life – 5 of the best therapeutic reasons to ride motorcycles

Riding to change life – 5 of the best therapeutic reasons to ride motorcycles

Most of us treat riding as an escape… A recreational activity that helps us unwind on open stretches of road. Others consider it a passionate experience and find solace in a journey. However, according to studies, riding your motorcycles can actually be therapeutic!

In fact, a recent study shows that 82% of motorcycle riders claim that riding a motorcycle makes them happier as compared to a meger 55% of motorists.

Most of us usually have stressful days and need to de-stress, which is required for the betterment of our mental health. 48% of the motorcyclists claim that riding a bike helps them not only to de-stress but also to focus on the positive side of their lives.

Let’s dive in straight away and have a look at what more motorcycling has to offer:

It’s an addictive stress reliever & a calorie burner (the good kind)

Studies have discovered that after a ride there is a subsequent decrease in the levels of cortisol, a hormone that is responsible for stress. Motorcyclists also claim to have a sense of relief in blending the body with nature. Healthwise, going on an intense ride can burn around 600 calories or taking a smooth ride in the streets can take the count up to 200-300 calories per hour which shows how good an exercise riding can be.

In other words, riding motorcycles gets all the good juices flowing within your body and brain. So why not drive a car, skeptics may ask? Well, motorists are devoid of such benefits and they are mostly going to put on some calories when going for such long rides.

Riding strengthens your legs and neck muscles

Riding a bike means you are constantly going to move around. These constant movements help to strengthen your knees and thighs. The muscles in the thighs are used to keep the patella and other bones of the knee in place. People who suffer from knee or thigh pains describe riding a motorcycle as a kind of physical therapy.

After a long ride, motorcyclists usually complain about neck pain and that’s because the muscles of the neck are always at work and need to carry the extra weight of the helmets.
Wearing a helmet for hours will strengthen your neck muscles, which means no more therapies!

Improved outlook towards life

Riding a motorcycle has benefits similar to yoga and meditation.

After a long ride, riders seem to be much happier, as every turn, every wrist movement, and changing gears releases adrenaline which therefore releases endorphins – a happy hormone that helps in improving your mood and minimizing pain.

The constant analyzing, adjusting, and making decisions depending upon the situations throws away all the worries, tensions and helps you to live fully in the moment.

Being one with nature

Going on a ride helps you get some quality time into nature from your stressful schedule.

Riders can feel the wind brushing through, the sun gazing at them directly, and much more rather than just sitting in your cars and listening to music in an artificial environment.

Nature heals as well as soothes, exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally but it even helps in contributing to your physical wellbeing by reducing stress, blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress-relieving hormones.

Gridlock and parking, no worries

Gridlocks are inevitable and can be quite a pain for the ones choked in congestions. But bikers are not quite affected as motorists because they can filter their way through traffic congestion with ease and saving both time and money.

Motorcyclists even accept that they are not bothered about parking issues as they can park their motorcycles effortlessly without having to stress about parking. On the contrary, motorists find it usually difficult to find a parking space.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of why to opt for motorcycles instead of cars. Moreover, why the freedom of open roads, and the wind is not just for the bad boys or enthusiasts, but for everyone looking for a fresh start, without depending on any one or anything else. So the next time you ride, remember, you will always return happier than you left.