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Stage 3

Quality Finishes

Sydney's Motorcycle
Detailing Service

Exceptions: Stage 3 will ensure that all defects except for the ones which are beyond correction are removed.

Removes deepest scratching and defects possible without wet sanding, creating a near-perfect finish even on most neglected finishes and poorly treated motorcycles. Some scratches may be too deep to safely remove, we’ll let you know if this is the case. Preservation is the goal but this correction level provides exceptional results and serves to dial in most motorcycles; even the most far gone cases. This stage will remove 90%-95% of the paint defects. Recommended for older motorcycles or motorcycles with severe defecting.

Duration: 5-7 Hours

  • Clean wheels using appropriate wheel clean and specially designed wheel woolies
  • Pre-soak with Snow Foam to remove dirt and grime
  • Rinse bike with low pressure
  • Clean and degrease all visible engine parts
  • Clay bar treats the painted body to remove embedded contamination
  • Rinse bike with low pressure
  • Hand washes using twin grid two bucket system to prevent any stones and other sharp edges particles being carried on the bike via wash mitt
  • Rinse bike with low pressure
  • Clean and degrease chain and rear sprocket
  • Apply appropriate chemicals to remove tar spots
  • Rinse bike with low pressure
  • Pressurised air or a blower is used to remove water built up around the engine bay, mirrors, handlebars and other crevices
  • Apply Last Step Product which includes high-grade quartz sealant

Optional upgrade of LSP (Surcharges apply)

  • Exclusive Swisswax
  • Long lasting Sealant
  • Ceramic coating