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I would have to be the most un-trusting person I know when it comes to allowing anyone, whether it be a mechanic or detailer to work let alone touch my pride and joy. I have owned my 2018 BMW S1000RR for only 5 months when I noticed it needed more than just my touch and home detailing technics and products to bring it back to life. Although wouldn’t know were to go or who can I trust to match my level of attention to detail. After a friend of mine, another motorbike enthusiast recommended Detail Hub, I tossed and turned on the idea of having someone detail my bike. Going on his recommendation I liked detail hubs page and followed his posts and followed his knowledge on exotic cars and motorbikes. I finally decided to quiz not only his knowledge and products used by also his technique and process. I was impressed although really needed to see the result to believe. This was it my deal breaker or maker, I booked detail hub In and allowed the first person in 6 years to touch any of my pride and joys, from past motorcycles and cars to now my present new ride. He would be the first. This bike was my everything. I left my S1 in his hands for the day. Yes, I still had my doubts and my concerns as anyone would who had never let another pair of hands touch their property. I got the call “Emmanuel she’s ready” I make my way back home, the whole way convincing myself I will find many problems with the work. I look deep into my bike and all the hidden areas to see if they were touched. I finally got home head to the bike and find it pitched up and a bright light shining on it so I can really check out the work. I get to it and start with my hunt to purposely find a miss or incorrect fix, I try and find those missed scratches and swirl marks. I check the suspension and chain guard, I check all around the engine covers and front sprocket and NOTHING! Wow! I was shocked, I think I found someone who was just as concerned as me, someone who’s attention to detail matched mine. He had missed not a single spot. The bike looked better than when I bought it from the dealer. The final gloss coating on the bike was like something I had never seen before. Prem you are literally the best in game. I have never seen work close to his. Detail hub you outdid yourself. The workmanship, the quality of products, the knowledge is un-matched. To find someone who cares for your hard work as much as you do is un-matched and your attention to detail and care again, un-matched. Thank you for proving me wrong, thank you for looking after my machine and thank you for Being honest and hard working. Your care and workmanship has won me over and I will be sending every enthusiast I know over to you. No one and I mean no one will touch my motorbike unless it’s you, and I will definitely be back for your work again. Thank you a million times more. Emmanuel.


I keep coming back again and again. Just had my Kawasaki ZX10R Superbike detailed again yesterday and as per usual Detail Hub delivered a second to none service. You can tell that there is passion involved in their work.
I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this business, and word really needs to get out there about Detail Hub!!

I recommend this place 100%. I can’t believe that you can get such a top of the line detail for the price that Detail Hub does it for.
And on top of all that….they even come to your place to do it!

Best service and passionate about their work, provide a range of different types of detailing, convenience of location and time by coming too your doorstep, and ‘fantastic’ price!
Detail Hub really does tick all the boxes!!


Amazing job detailing my motorcycle. My bike is 9 years old and came out looking like I just rode it out of the shop brand new. Detail Hub is the best in the business
Highly recommended!


Prem at Detail Hub did a fantastic job of prepping my car for sale. The paintwork and chrome are shining like the day I bought my car over two years ago. He has removed any swirls from lower skilled car wash companies, and the interior is back to is best. I would have no hesitation in using him again.


“I was really impressed with the quality of workmanship by Premal. It was also heartening to see the commitment, passion and dedication that was displayed by him. Refreshing to come across someone with a can do attitude! I would highly recommend his services to anyone!”


“Fabulous work by Detail Hub on my 6 month new Mazda CX5. I had a lot of dead bugs on my car from my Melbourne to Sydney drive and was looking for an expert to detail my new ride without damaging the paint. The guys at Detail Hub delivered with amazing expertise and my car is back to its pristine showroom condition.”


“Had my Audi A4 detailed by this awesome bloke Premal at Detail Hub. A very well done job by him. The best thing was when i approached Detail hub it was just to make a general enquiry and they purely converted me to a customer by their infectious passion and knowledge in what they do. They will listen to you to understand what you need and then give you enough suggestions and options to choose from. The entire experience felt very transparent and needless to say when i received my car back i was extremely impressed with the level of detail and precision of their work. My A4 infact looked newer and swankier than when i had bought it. I’d definitely be going back to Premal at Detail Hub and would very highly recommend their services to anyone looking to make their car look better than new.”


“Awesome detailing work on my CLA 200 by Detail Hub. If you are time poor and have not been able to look after your much loved car, give these guys a go. You won’t be disappointed!”